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Tram line street designs on display in Hervanta

Published 6.5.2016 9.51

Street designs related to the planning of the Tampere tramline, specifically in the Hervanta district, will be on display from 2 May to 16 May. The street design draft for Insinöörikatu covers the section Kanjoninkatu–Arkkitehdinkatu. Street designs have been completed for Hervannan valtaväylä, the section between Rieväkatu and Laulumaankatu, and the section between Arkkitehdinkatu and Ruskontie. The designs for Kanjoninkatu, Hermiankatu and Atomipolku are also on display on the city’s website as well as the Frenckell Service Point and the Hervanta Library.

Raitiotievaunu kesäisellä Insinöörinkadulla Hervannassa, Kuva: Ari Järvelä, Tampereen kaupunki/Havainnekuva ja kuvankäsittely IDIS Design Oy.

The street designs for the Hervanta district will be displayed at the design info point in the lobby of shopping centre Duo from 12 noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 4 May 2016. They will also be displayed during guided street walks, and at a public event held at the Cinola Cinema at Lindforsinkatu 1-3 from 5 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 10 May 2016. The designs will be displayed at Cinola starting at 5 p.m. and related presentations will be given from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Guided walks from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.: north end of Insinöörinkatu (meeting at the Kanjoninkatu junction), south end of Insinöörinkatu (meeting at the Arkkitehdinkatu junction) and Hermiankatu (meeting at Festia bus stop). The walks will end at Cinola by 6 p.m.

Mixed traffic sections on Insinöörinkatu

The street design for Insinöörinkatu covers a section that is approximately 1,940 metres long. The width of the street in the design area ranges from 30 to 22 metres. In the Kanjoninkatu–Orivedenkatu section of Insinöörinkatu, the tramline runs on a separate lane in the middle of the street and is flanked by a 4-metre-wide, one-lane driving lane on both sides. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic lanes are separated from the street using green strips on both sides.

The Opiskelijankatu–Lindforsinkatu section of Insinöörinkatu is designated for mixed traffic. The tramline and the driving lanes are located in the middle of the street, occupying a space 7 metres wide. The driving lane is flanked by separated bicycle and pedestrian traffic lanes on both sides.

The Teekkarinkatu–Arkkitehdinkatu section of Insinöörinkatu is designated for mixed traffic. The tramline is situated on the driving lane, which is 7 metres wide. The driving lane is flanked by pedestrian and bicycle traffic lanes on both sides. The lanes are primarily separated from the driving lane with a 1-metre-wide strip.

Public transport sections on Insinöörinkatu

The section Lindforsinkatu–Teekkarinkatu has been designated for public transport, but vehicles are allowed to enter plots. Passenger car traffic is completely discontinued at Duo. The tramline runs in the middle of the street together with the driving lanes, except in front of Duo. In front of Duo, the public transport lane is 6.5 metres wide. Elsewhere, the mixed traffic lane is 7 metres wide. Separated bicycle and pedestrian traffic lanes are situated on both side of the driving lanes.
The parking lots will be transferred a little to the south. The taxi station will be transferred a little north.

The section Orivedenkatu–Opiskelijankatu is designated for public transport. The centre of the street is exclusively designated for bus lanes, and the sides of the street include joint bus and tramline stop platforms that are 3.5 metres wide. Beyond the platforms, the tramline has a separate lane that is 3 metres wide. The street is flanked by pedestrian and bicycle lanes which are separated form the tramline with a green strip.

Insinöörinkatu is designed to include five stops with side platforms. The stops are situated south of the Kanjoninkatu junction, between Orivedenkatu and Opiskelijankatu, in front of Duo, south of the Teekkarinkatu roundabout, and north of the Arkkitehdinkatu junction. The platform waiting space is 2.75–3.50 metres wide and the platforms are 47 metres long, except for the stop platforms in front of Duo, which are 37 metres long.

Hervannan valtaväylä designs

Hervannan valtaväylä is an asphalt-coated road 370 metres long in the section Arkkitehdinkatu–Ruskontie. The tramline will operate in a separate passageway west of Hervannan valtaväylä.

The tramline will also run in a separate passageway west of Hervannan valtaväylä between Rieväkatu and Laulumaankatu. The tramline is 7.65 metres wide in the street design area.

The tramline stop is located between Nekalantie and Laulumaankatu in the street design area. The bus stop along Hervannan valtaväylä is located in conjunction with the tramline stop. The tramline stop has a side platform and the stop waiting space is 3.5 metres wide and 47 metres long.

Moreover, space has been reserved for a tramline stop between Messukyläntie and Vuohensillankatu, including a connected bus stop along Hervannan valtaväylä.

Pirkankatu, Rieväkatu and a section of Sammonkatu

A street design has been prepared to cover the section Sepänkatu-Hämeenpuisto of Pirkankatu, i.e. the western end of the first tramline to be implemented. Design drafts are also ready to be displayed for Rieväkatu and the eastern end of Sammonkatu.

A design briefing concerning the street design for Pirkankatu will be held in the plot adjacent to the Tampere Art Museum at 3 p.m.–6 p.m. on Monday 9 May 2016.

The displayed tramline street designs are intended to be approved conditionally. The implementation of the street designs depends on the tramline decision of the City Council. The objective is for the City Council to decide on the construction of the tramline in October 2016.

The street designs can also be implemented step-by-step so that the first step comprises the implementation of any changes required for the tramline and later phases include designed measures such as the modification of streetside areas.

Further information

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