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Floating collections at Tampere City Library

Published 19.2.2016 13.59

Tampere City Library adopted a floating collection system on 8 February 2016. The items no longer have a designated home library, but they remain in the library where the customer returns them. Thanks to floating, items can from now on be returned to any branch of the Tampere City Library free of charge.

Pääkirjasto Metso

In the old system, the material had to be transported back to its home library if the customer returned it to a different library branch. The transport fee associated with the service will no longer be charged after the renewal. Thanks to floating, items can be checked out at the library where they are returned to right away. The aim is to improve the availability of the material for customers and to reduce transport costs.

The floating will not affect the reservation of items in the Tampere City Library collection. Reserved items will still be delivered to the collection location selected by the customer.

Before the renewal, the PIKI online service used to display the branch and the department that owned the item in the item’s availability information. After the renewal, the availability information will display the branch and the department where the item is located at the moment.

The location filter on the search form of the online library will no longer work properly for items in the Tampere City Library collection. The location filter displays the location of the items by their owner, but in reality, the items might be in other branches because of the floating.

The renewal does not require any actions from our customers. Please contact the Tampere City Library staff if you want to know more about the renewal.