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Social and health services of the City of Tampere received a record amount of positive feedback

Published 25.1.2016 9.35

Clients at the social and primary health care services of the City of Tampere graded the quality of services higher than ever before in 2015. In the customer questionnaire, the most typical school grade given to the services in Tampere and Orivesi was 9. Orivesi was included in the survey for the first time this year.


The average grade for the social and health services in Tampere was 8.62, compared to 8.29 in 2014. Clients in Orivesi were slightly more critical: the average grade of services in Orivesi was 8.55.

We received over 3,600 replies in the customer questionnaire, which was carried out at the end of 2015. The most active group of respondents in Tampere was 31–40-year-olds and in Orivesi 61–70-year-olds.

Based on the average grades, the best services in Tampere were specialised dental care (9.45), oral surgery (9.43) and speech therapy (9.42).

Based on the quality statements, the best services in Tampere were youth outreach work and the operations of the Young People’s House, financial and debt counselling and the monitoring of infectious diseases. All in all, the clients of services produced in Tampere graded appropriate treatment and expert service as the areas they were most satisfied with. In Orivesi, the respondents also graded appropriate treatment as the best service area, while the second highest grade was given to the good location of services.

In Tampere, the area with the most room for improvement was clients’ participation in the planning and assessment of their services. In Orivesi, the most important development areas were clients’ opportunities to participate in the planning and assessment of services and timely availability of services.

The questionnaire for 2015 included a new question on access to information about the city’s social and health services. In both Tampere and Orivesi, nearly half of the respondents found the information they needed on the City of Tampere website in most cases. The second most common source of information was the city’s employees.

The total amount of free-form feedback given by respondents in Tampere was over 2,500 replies, which is 350 replies more than in 2014. In Orivesi, the amount of free-form feedback was 220 replies. In the feedback, the respondents praised the professionalism and expertise of the city’s employees, their kindness and the way they treat clients as individuals. Negative feedback, on the other hand, was given to long waiting times, scarce personnel resources in relation to the service need and long distances to services. Respondents also hoped the city would continue to develop its electronic services, particularly the booking of appointments.

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