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Preschool enrolment begins for children born in 2010

Published 11.1.2016 13.41

Enrolment for children starting preschool next autumn has begun in Tampere. The enrolment must be completed by 24 January 2016.

Children born in 2010 will start preschool next school year. The designated preschool will be determined on the basis of the future educational path and the child's home address.

Preschool education became obligatory in Finland on 1 August 2015. The child must take part in preschool education or other activity meeting the objectives of preschool education in the school year preceding their compulsory education.

Children are enrolled in preschool with an electronic form (authentication or an open form). Alternatively, the enrolment can be carried out by filling in a paper application form available at kindergartens or printed from the website of the city of Tampere. To enroll in preschool education at private kindergartens, enroll directly to the chosen kindergarten. For more information on enrolling in preschool, contact kindergartens. Families were also sent a letter regarding preschool enrolments at the end of December.

Daily preschool education is provided for four hours a day, and taking part in preschool education is free of charge. Supplementary activities possibly required in addition to preschool education are subject to a fee. Enrolment in supplementary activities outside preschool education (club or day care) can be carried out when enrolling in preschool.

Pre-school education will be provided from 11 August 2016 until 31 May 2017, mainly during term time.

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