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School enrolment begins for children starting first grade

Published 11.1.2016 12.59

School enrolment for students who will enter school in autumn 2016 has begun in Tampere. The enrolment must be completed by 24 January 2016. Families will be informed of the child's future school and the orientation date in March.


All children born in 2009 and residing in Tampere have to be enrolled. In addition, children whose postponement will expire by the end of school year 2015–16 will have to be enrolled. The enrolment also applies to children born in 2010 who are being considered for entry into school in autumn 2016.

Children are enrolled in school using the electronic form on the website of the City of Tampere. If a family is unable to fill in the electronic form, enrolment can be carried out in the office of the nearest school. Guardians must fill in the enrolment form so that schools can be prepared for the exact number of new pupils.

The home address of the pupil indicates their school district. Each pupil will be designated a place in their district's school by the city.

More information about enrolling in school has been sent to homes in a letter in December. Information on primary education and entering school can also be found on the city's website and at schools. If necessary, you can also ask for more information from your preschool education group.

During the enrolment, parents will be tentatively asked about the need for morning and afternoon activities for pupils in the school year. An individual enrolment for morning and afternoon activities for pupils will be organised in April.

The school year 2016–2017 will commence in city-run schools on Tuesday 11 August 2016.

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