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Summer brings changes to social and health services

Published 15.5.2014 14.43

During the summer vacation season, some of the offices of the social and health services of the City of Tampere will be closed or operating only with on-call staffing. The health centres will only treat patients in need of urgent care during this time. The health centres that will stay open in the summer are the Hatanpää, Hervanta, Tammelakeskus and Tipotie health centres.

The other health centres, i.e. the Atala, Kaukajärvi, Kämmenniemi, Lielahti, Linnainmaa and Tesoma centres, will be closed from 23 June to 3 August 2014. The outsourced Omapihlaja health centre Hervanta will also be closed from 23 June to 3 August. The outsourced Omapihlaja health centre at Kehräsaari will be on summer break from 30 June to 13 July.

During the summer break, patients are referred to the health centre offering the earliest available appointment. Appointments to health centres can be made at health care counselling, tel. 03 10023. It is open daily 7 am - 10 pm. Appointments with doctors and nurses are available on this number. Nurses assess the required treatment, if any, and attend to minor injuries and illnesses. If in need of urgent care, it is also possible to see a nurse without an appointment.

Dental clinics Tammela Dental Clinic (Ilmarinkatu 16 D), Dental Clinic at the Tipotie (Tipotie 3 B), and Suupoli (Biokatu 6b) are open in the summer.
These dental clinics only treat patients in need of urgent dental care. Appointments to all dental clinics can be made on 03 5657 0100 Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm. Those in need of urgent first aid may call ER Acuta for an appointment Mon - Fri, 8 am - 9 pm, tel. 03 5657 0111. During weekends and midweek holidays, appointments can be made 7 am - 9 pm, tel. 03 100 23.

Summer brings changes also to social and family services. For example, Sarvis Social welfare centre will offer services less than usual during 23 June and 20 July due to the partial summer break and summer vacation season. Urgent care and telephone hours for social work for adults from 23 June to 20 July, 9 am - 10 am and 12 noon - 1 pm, only in urgent matters.

The unit for new income support clients and the immigrant work’s unit for integration social work will operate by appointment. The income support unit for written applications will operate normally throughout the summer.

The Counselling Point of social services will be closed from 23 June to 13 July.

Text Anne Kauhanen