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Parking in the centre of Tampere is nearly always subject to a charge. The purpose of paid parking is to ensure that everyone has a chance to park their car when in town.



Arboretum means a collection of trees, maintained as a park or park woodland. Hatanpää Arboretum is situated three kilometres south from Tampere city centre.

Children's Traffic Park

Children's Traffic Park is located in Kaleva, beside the Tampere Swimming Centre. In the Traffic Park children (aged 6-10 years) can practice how to drive on the streets and to obey the traffic rules.


There are parks and green areas approximately 120 square metres per inhabitant in Tampere.

Pensions issues 


Pensions provide economic security in old age, disability and late-career unemployment. Pensions are paid by earnings-related pension providers and by Kela.

Pirkanmaan Regional Library 

Tampere City Library - Pirkanmaa Regional Library

Tampere City Library - Pirkanmaa Regional Library consists of the main library Metso, 4 regional libraries, 9 branch libraries, 5 institutional libraries and 2 mobile libraries. At the regional libraries there are 3 net squares, where you can find computer classes and get professional help.



There are 243 playgrounds and a traffic park for the children in the city of Tampere. Traffic park in Kaleva is open in summertime and it is meant for the children aged 6-10 years.

Playing and play club activities 

Morning and afternoon activities

Morning and afternoon activities (before and after school activities) are designed for pupils in grades 1-2. All pupils in special education from pre-primary to grade 9 are offered afternoon club activities that are specially designed for them.

Playing and play club activities

Diversified activities are organized for families and children under school age in clubs, playing activity centres and open day care centres.


Emergency care services and first aid

If a patient urgently needs to consult a doctor, he or she books the appointment from the Telephone Health Service, tel. 10023 or tel. 03 10 0023 when calling from a mobile phone, daily 7 – 22.

The First Aid Unit Acuta treats Tampere residents having acutely fallen ill and residents with minor injuries.

Food poisonings, suspects

Poisonings, advice

The Poison Information Centre answers questions concerning the
prevention and treatment of acute poisonings every day, around the
clock. The Centre serves the whole of Finland by telephone and provides
guidance to the public and to health care professionals.

Police Department 

Central Finland Police Department

The Central Finland Police Department is in charge of the general order and safety, crime prevention and investigation, and license services in the area of Central Finland, which includes Pirkanmaa and Central Finland regions. The central police station is located in Tampere.

Preschool education 

Preschool education

Legal preschool education organized by the municipal authority is intended for all children under school age one year before compulsory school education commences.

Public transport 

Timetables and information