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Health services 

Adult health clinics

The adult health clinics are responsible for giving health advice and information for adults in their local areas.

Dental treatment

Children and young people under 18 years old are invited at regular intervals to dental checks. Adults book an appointment through the centralised appointment service. It is also possible to use e-services to check, reschedule, or cancel an appointment; to make an initial appointment with a dental hygienist for assessing the need for treatment; and to make an appointment with a dentist for urgent care.

Diabetes outpatient clinic

The diabetes outpatient clinic is meant for the care and monitoring of those patients with type 1 diabetes.

Emergency care services and first aid

If a patient urgently needs to consult a doctor, he or she books the appointment from the Telephone Health Service, tel. 10023 or tel. 03 10 0023 when calling from a mobile phone, daily 7 – 22.

The First Aid Unit Acuta treats Tampere residents having acutely fallen ill and residents with minor injuries.

Health centres

If you need medical help or consultation, call the nurse at Information and advice number. Information on Health Services and Health Care Advice by telephone: 10023 or by mobile phone 03 10023, daily 7 - 22. If an examination carried out by a doctor is necessary, the nurse will make an appointment with a doctor for you.

Health services

Except for emergency medical care, the health services organised by the City of Tampere are only provided for Tampere residents. You are entitled to these services if you are registered in Tampere.

Those studying at colleges and institutes located in Tampere belong to the system of student health care.

Health services for immigrants

The first-phase medical consultation of the nurse for immigrants and returnees is located in Hervanta. Newcomers undergo a medical examination and in urgent cases treatment is provided.

Poisonings, advice

The Poison Information Centre answers questions concerning the
prevention and treatment of acute poisonings every day, around the
clock. The Centre serves the whole of Finland by telephone and provides
guidance to the public and to health care professionals.

Home services 

Home services

Facilities related to meals, shopping, cleaning, sauna bath, safety telephone and transport can be organized for the aged as support services and are provided by the Home Care Department.



Tampere residents receive hospital care at the Tampere University Hospital. The services include virtually all medical specialities from emergency care to rehabilitation.



Housing Market Place (Asuntotori) provides information on the available types of housing and advice on how to look for accommodation.

From the Housing Department you can get a queue number when applying for a right-of-occupancy dwelling.

Rental apartments

Housing Market Place (Asuntotori) provides information on the available types of housing and advice on how to look for accommodation. You can easily find out at the centre which agencies offer rented flats, for example.

Right-of-occupancy dwelling

The Housing Department will answer questions concerning housing finance
and other housing services. From there you can also get a queue number
needed when applying for a right-of-occupancy dwelling.