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86. LIGHT AND DARKNESS Drawings and Graphic Art by Pentti Kaskipuro,
17 October 1998 - 10 January 1999

Starting in the autumn of 1998 the Sara Hildén Art Museum had an exhibition of works by Pentti Kaskipuro, the Finnish master of graphic art. The exhibition included the artist’s most important graphic works and their associated studies dating back to the 1950s . Collages and ex-libris were also shown in the exhibition.

Pentti Kaskipuro is one of the best-known and internationally renowned Finnish graphic artists. Not only is he a well known artist among specialist circles, but among the art-loving public he is also a truly popular figure, whose works hang in the most prominent place in many people’s homes. It is largely due to Kaskipuro’s influence that graphic art has been so highly thought of in Finland.

Kaskipuro’s absolute mastery of intaglio, namely drypoint and aquatint technique, has made him a highly regarded expert and teacher in professional circles. The themes in Kaskipuro’s art have helped to bring him close also to people who are uncertain of their ability to understand abstract, contemporary art.

The main themes in Kaskipuro’s production can be found on any kitchen table: onions, swedes, potatoes, beetroot, mushrooms, fish, bread, cucumbers, turnips, eggs, tomatoes, sausages, and vases of flowers. At times these motifs have widened in scope to form whole interiors as well as window views. The objects he depicts, however, are always individual, tangible objects well-known to us all.

By concentrating on such apparently unimportant motifs, and by developing his technique to such a state of perfection throughout the years, he has cultivated his own individual style. From Kaskipuro’s works the spectator can receive the consolation for which he longs, through something which can be truly great, though seemingly insignificant. This is in keeping with our concept of the mysterious and enviable ability of the artist to turn everyday life into something full of joy

3,549 visitors attended the exhibition.