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24 February - 2 June 1985

A retrospective exhibition of works by the sculptor Harry Kivijärvi was held on the entire upper floor of the Sara Hildén Art Museum in the spring of 1985.

>The exhibition included Kivijärvi's sculptures, drawings, paintings, tapestries and large-scale photographs of works from 1947-85

The works for the exhibition were chosen and arranged in chronological order so that the exhibition, in its entirety, would give the viewer an opportunity to see the different stages and stylistic development of Harry Kivijärvi's art; the viewer would also see the interdependent relationship of painterliness and plasticity at different times during the artist's development, and the influence of the materials on the style of work that Kivijärvi produced.

Kivijärvi's paintings and drawings from 1947-55 were included in the exhibition in order to shed light on the artist's early development before he went to study from 1955-56 in Rome, where he took up sculpture. Many works are shown from 1956-62, which were important years from the point of view of the artist's development; these were mainly small figurative sculptures cast in bronze or type metal. The exhibition mainly consists of Kivijärvi's black, monumental granite sculptures. Kivijärvi's most recent production of tapestries were also included. There were also blow-ups of some large-scale public sculptures which could not be borrowed for the exhibition.

Harry Kivijärvi
1985, 40 pages
Sara Hildén Art Museum Publication 22 (Text in Finnish and English)
ISSN 0357-3001
Price FIM 10

The exhibition was attended by 17,071 visitors.