Property Managements

Property management is in charge of effective upkeep and utilization rate in real estates. Energy efficiency and pleasant indoor-climate are important values for the department.

Estate managers take care of maintenance in the real estates. Estate managers are divided into teams and every team has its own area that it is responsible for. Managers also note that the rules and regulations ordained by officers are followed in all actions related to real estates. They also make sure that operators are provided with functioning real estate services.

Work planning, purchases and supervision are organized by Property management in actions concerning maintenance indoors and outdoors, building systems management and waste management. Services are purchased either from Real Estate Services own production or outside contractor.

Production services

Production services serves in the areas of construction work and building systems. It also produces maintenance services for real estate. Construction work is focused in the maintenance and renovation of real estate. Other technical services that are available include e.g. modification of apartments for invalidity as well as wood- and metalwork.

In building systems, the department produces services for maintenance and upkeep. Systems that are in the maintenance of department include HVACE-technology, safety-systems and property maintenance.