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New Factory transforms competence into new business

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New Factory transforms competence into new business

The New Factory programme creates well-being in the Tampere region by producing a significant number of practical innovations resulting in new business and jobs. The programme raises the ongoing innovation activities in the Tampere region to a new level with international importance. The key principles are user- and market-friendliness, agility as well as quickness. The initiation period of New Factory will continue until the end of 2013.

”New Factory is a community open for all actors and lines of business –
a proactive answer on the part of the Tampere region to structural change. The aim is to create a significant number of fresh businesses, new jobs and international competence in how to help companies thrive in the coming years,” says Kari Kankaala, Director of Business and Economic Centre, city of Tampere.

New Factory is an enabler that offers companies, universities, the public sector and citizens cost-efficient tools and channels to create innovations. The tools currently in use include Demola, Protomo and Suuntaamo.

”Using tried and tested innovation apparatuses, students,
freelance professionals and all active citizens can realise their ideas and competence. Our activities are open, multidisciplinary, community-based and hands-on,” says Petri Räsänen, Director of the New Factory programme at Hermia Ltd.

New Factory draws its strength from the strong multidisciplinary know-how of the Tampere region and aims to utilise it more effectively. Dozens of the region’s key companies, all universities, hundreds of professionals and international partners already take part in the programme.
New Factory is the result of extensive regional preparation and co-operation, with support from the City of Tampere and the
neighbouring municipalities, the Centre for Economic Development,
Transport and the Environment, the Council of Tampere Region, Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and the two developer organisations, Tredea Ltd and Hermia Ltd.

More information:

Kari Kankaala, Director, City of Tampere,
+358 50 351 3020,

Petri Räsänen, Development Director,
Hermia Oy,
+358 40 772 3008,
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