Vuores is a combination of high-quality housing and urban greenery. In Vuores, the smooth everyday life of the residents is combined with ecological housing and transportation. The area offers innovative construction and housing solutions and utilizes cutting-edge technology. The diversity of the area, a strong sense of unity, and natural interaction between generations create an excellent basis for an active and sociable lifestyle.

Vuoreksen sijainti kaupunkirakenteessa

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Vuores is a new green district to be built in Tampere by 2020, with residences for 13,000 people. All kinds of homes, in apartment blocks and terraces, semi-detached and detached houses, will be built amongst small lakes and forests.

All building will be adjusted to suit the shape of the terrain and the environment, respecting nature’s values.

Vuores is located by the Tampere-Helsinki motorway just seven kilometres from Tampere’s city centre. Connections from other ring roads in the Tampere urban region are also fast and fluent. For example, the journey from the Tampere-Pirkkala airport to Vuores takes just 15 minutes.

Lively and unique small town

Visura Oy ja Fennia / Arkkitehtitoimisto Lasse Kosunen Oy

Visura Oy ja Fennia / Arkkitehtitoimisto Lasse Kosunen Oy

Vuores is one of the biggest and most exciting urban development projects in Finland to be undertaken in the new millennium.

New Vuores district offes an interesting promise of nature, creativity and high technology. The area for development is 1,256 hectares.

The main goal is to create a "small town" that is active throughout the day and provides high-quality services and a variety of residential options as well as attractive work premises to serve the needs of commerce and trade.

The natural environment and ecology are an essential part of the area’s identity. The traffic system plan emphasises public transport, walking, and cycling.

Vuores district

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Last updated 13 Mar 2014