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The eleven exhibitions at Vapriikki delight, inform and inspire. Welcome to a surprisingly versatile museum! Read about our forthcoming exhibitions at the bottom of the page, or follow the link to find out what other museums in Tampere have to offer.

The Revontuli Brand – Shining Elegance of the North 12 June 2014 – spring 2015

In the 1960s, the textile manufacturer Suomen Trikoo wanted to explore the world of design. For this purpose, the company needed an elegant export collection and a skilful leading figure. The Revontuli brand was built by Lenita Airisto, textile artist Nana Suni, and fashion designer Anna-Liisa Nieminen. The design collection was launched in Finland, other Nordic countries, and the United States in 1966.

p> The fresh designs, bright colours, and elegant cuts showcase high quality and the timeless nature of good design. Gorgeous fashion shots form an impressive element of the exhibition. They reflect the changing idea of womanhood in these designers’ time: a Revontuli woman was modern and bold, playful yet elegant.

As in Days Gone By 15 April – 30 December 2014

The exhibition As in Days Gone By – Children's Lives in Illustrations by Rudolf Koivu will open at Vapriikki on 15 April 2014. It focuses on the lives of children in the first half of the 20th century. On display will be original works and postcard illustrations by artist Rudolf Koivu, along with period objects. This nostalgic exhibition will bring back memories and inspire conversation between grandparents, their children and grandchildren. The exhibition includes interactive elements, memory-jogging opportunities, and a film about Rudolf Koivu's life.

Aphrodite's Empire – Love and Beauty in Antiquity 21 March – 19 October 2014

Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, Hathor – the goddess of love and beauty has many names and faces. She also has a dark side: jealousy, the pain of losing a love, and the transience of beauty.

The exhibition Aphrodite’s Empire at Vapriikki embraces falling in love, eroticism and femininity in the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures in the age of Antiquity.

At Vapriikki's Shoe Museum: Stretching to the Future – Experimental Footwear Design at Wetterhoff.21 February 2014–

The Stretching to the Future exhibition is a result of collaboration between footwear design students from HAMK University of Applied Sciences and Vapriikki. It takes a fresh and bold look at footwear and stretches the boundaries of materials, form and techniques. The exhibition was inspired by internationally renowned Finnish designer Aki Choklat.

Let's Make a Fuss, Ladies! Impressive Women of Tampere30.1.–31.8.

Tampere has always been home to more women than men – some might call it a bachelor's paradise.

Vapriikki proudly presents the splendid achievements of local ladies, both those who were born and bred in Tampere and women who moved here later in life. The list is not exhaustive, but it will certainly satisfy your curiosity and give rise to lively discussion.

The women are by no means presented in order of importance – they have all been significant in their own fields and in their own times.

Come and see whether your favourite Tamperess is on the list!

The Natural History Museum

What happens under the surface of the Tammerkoski rapids? Can you identify the largest animal in the Tampere region, or the rarest butterfly? Are there wolves in the forests in the Tampere region? Natural History Museum of Tampere presents, via various senses, the history of life and biological diversity in the Tampere region, and displays topical natural phenomena.

Time to Play – Treasures of the Toy Box

The Time to Play exhibition on the history of toys and play presents toys from Finland and abroad, which children in Finland have played with. What were your favourite toys? Perhaps challenging Meccano sets, beautiful Barbie dolls, or cuddly teddybears?


Tampere has good reason to be proud of its technological prowess as it is the city where many technical devices were first taken into use, and it has also been quick to put to use many technologies developed elsewhere.

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Tammerkoski Rapids and the Story of Tampere

The Tammerkoski Rapids exhibition tells the story of how a small village founded along these rapids turned into an industrial city now known for technological innovation, high-standard cultural offerings, and its residents’ modest and down-to-earth attitude to life.

The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame

Come and experience the history of ice hockey at the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame! You can also test your own shooting and scoring skills on a scoring simulator!

Tampere 1918

The Finnish Civil War between the Red and the White Guards was a short, but traumatic and sorrowful period in Finnish history. Almost 40,000 people were killed in an internal crisis which lasted only four months. The biggest inland battle in Northern Europe prior to World War II took place in Tampere in April 1918. The Tampere 1918 -exhibition approaches this difficult topic by shedding light on the chain of events and the viewpoints of different parties of the war.

The Shoe Museum

How is a shoe made? In the Vapriikki Shoe Museum’s factory room you can follow the different stages involved in the manufacture of the industrial shoe, from the design table to the finished product.

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