Angry Birds Land is Särkänniemi’s summer novelty

30.04.2012 11:04

Särkänniemi Adventure Park’s biggest summer novelty is the world’s first Angry Birds Land, which is a thematic ensemble designed especially for families and younger children. Angry Birds Land is located in the rides area and has 12 rides, adventure course, games and food points.

The adventure park will also see two new rides, Angry Birds Ride and Majakka (Lighthouse), which are both located within the new theme area. The area’s theme covers even the smallest of details and is based on the popular game by Rovio Entertainment.

The park will also have novelties in the Planetarium, Aquarium and Children’s Zoo and summer programs have been added. The summer season will be opened by May Day Program for the entire family on May 1st.

Angry Birds Land has been designed in collaboration with Särkänniemi’s own staff and designers, Rovio and American theme park specialized design company BDR Design. The area’s main contractor was Juvia Oy from Pirkanmaa. Angry Birds Land has also its own voice world, which is familiar from the game.

The area’s new rides; Angry Birds Ride and Majakka, are good for both children and grown-ups and have been made by Italian Antonio Zamperla S.p.A. The heart of the Angry Birds Land is its Adventure Course designed by Lappset Group Oy from Rovaniemi. The area will also feature an Angry Birds Shop and thematic food points. During the summer Magic Place will be added to the area. After visiting Magic Place the client will receive new content to their own Angry Birds Game. The area will also feature points where you can play the game and during summer meeting “the real” Red Bird is also possible.

The area will be opened at the beginning of the season, but finishing touches will continue until the beginning of June. The official opening will be celebrated on Friday June 8th.

Novelties to fortify Särkänniemi’s position as Finland’s most diverse leisure centre

Särkänniemi was chosen in Taloustutkimus’ 2011 poll as the best leisure centre in Finland and the most important criterion for the outcome was the area’s diversity. In addition to Angry Birds Land there will be novelties in all of the Adventure Park destinations: The Dolphinarium’s bottlenose five has been rehearsing new impressive tricks, pot-bellied pigs will move in to the Children’s Zoo and Aquarium’s new residents will be the nursing Heckel discus, the Banded Astyanax, who navigates without eyes and the Axolotl. In the Planetarium the new full dome movie for the summer will be called "Tähtien salatut elämät" (The Secret Lives of the Stars). It has been produced by an American company focused on planetarium movies called Evans & Sutherland.

Programs for summer have also been added. During the summer the Finnish Theatre School will put on a "Herra Hakkarainen" (Mister Hakkarainen) play at Särkänniemi. In July children’s big favourites Tuttiritari, Sorin Sirkus and Riesa-Pelle will take the stage. All programs are free of charge for Särkänniemi’s clients.

Särkänniemi’s restaurants are the only theme park restaurants in the Nordic countries to have received the Nordic Swan Eco label. Restaurants include both summer restaurants as well as one of the best restaurants in the country, the Ravintola Näsinneula 124 meters up the ground.

The May Day Program for the entire family on May 1st

Särkänniemi’s summer season kicks off on April 28th at 11 am. The next time Särkänniemi will be open on May 1st, when the park will host its second popular whole family May Day Event. On that day you will see for example the best magicians from Pirkanmaa’s May Day Magic competition, the traffic policemen Maltti and Valtti from Pikku Kakkonen tv-show, Vihreät Valot ensemble from the TV show Uusi Päivä and Hevisaurus on stage.

Särkänniemi’s hours during May Day 2012:
Tues. May 1 from 11 am to 7pm
Adventure Park will be open Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 6 pm from May 2nd to May 18th, starting May 19th the park will be open daily. Children´s Zoo will open on 19th of May.
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