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Pääkirjasto Metso

Main library Metso, "Capercaillie", is situated close to Hämeenpuisto Park.

The library provides a basic cultural service, promoting the local people's equal opportunities to adventure and information and encouraging the cultivation of abilities and facilities and the improvement of civic skills. The library offers access to its collections, up-to-date systems of information retrieval, premises and competent staff, all free of charge.

Tampere City Library - Pirkanmaa Regional Library (estb. 1861) consists of the main library, newspaper reading hall, 14 branch libraries, five institutional libraries, two mobile libraries, two net squares and the internet bus Netti-Nysse.

About half of the citizens of the City of Tampere (211 507 inhabitants) have a library card and 80 % of the population have reported they use the library at least once a year. About 32 000 people use one of the 160 Internet computers in Tampere City libraries. Apart from the physical network of libraries, users are also served on the Internet.

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