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Tampere City Library

Tampere City Library offers spaces and collections for information, education and refreshment. At the library you can read and borrow, visit events, meet friends or just spend some relaxing time. The library provides varied events for adults and children with their families. The library enhances the sense of community and general well-being.

Everyone can visit the library and, for instance, use computers and the free internet, read books, papers and journals, listen to the music, play board games and study or work in peace. At the information service you can get professional assistance and advisory concerning information retrieval. For borrowing you need to be registered as a customer and have a library card. Nowadays, almost in every library there is a self-service system for borrowing and lending.

Pääkirjasto Metso

Tampere City Library - Pirkanmaa Regional Library consists of the main library Metso, the newspaper reading room, 13 branch libraries, 5 institutional libraries and 2 mobile libraries. At the regional libraries there are three net squares, where you can find computer classes and get professional help.

The City Library has nowadays almost 90 000 members. About half of the citizens in Tampere has a library card. Number of the borrowed items was almost 5 millions and 2,4 million people visited the library in 2013. At the homepage of the library there were online visits as much as one million. Tampere is a part of the large PIKI library system, which consists of 22 other public libraries in the surrounding area.

More information on the library's own web site:

» Tampere City Library

City Archive

The City Archive takes care of the documents which have to be filed away permanently. More information available on the City Archive's own web pages (only in Finnish):

» City Archive
(In Finnish)

Photo Archive

The photo archive of the city is part of the Museum Centre Vapriikki and consists of 1,2 millions of prints, negatives or digital photos from different time and place. More information available on its own website (pages only in Finnish).

Siiri, Tampere City Museums' collection database, stores a lot of photos.

» Vapriikki photo archive
(In Finnish)

» Siiri - Tampere City Museums' collection database
(In Finnish)