Immigrant services

Some 9 400 foreign citizens from 125 countries are living in Tampere.
Beside them, there are the residents of Tampere who speak other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami as their mother tongue and have already obtained Finnish citizenship. They do not constitute any separate statistics.

Valokuva: Maahanmuuttajanainen metsässä.

Some 130 different languages are spoken in Tampere. The biggest language groups are - after Finnish and Swedish - Russian, Arab, English, Estonian, Chinese, Persian, Kurdish, Vietnamese, Turkish, German and Albanian.

For the city of Tampere, the cultural diversity is a potential to be developed. In cooperation with other interest groups, the social and health services provide support to facilitate immigrants’ integration.

Immigrants come to Tampere for various reasons. The city of Tampere receives, through the system of authorities, some 150 persons a year. They are:

  • refugees (UN quota)
  • returnees (Ingrian Finns)
  • persons having obtained a residence permit for reasons of family relationship.

The first-phase services for the immigrants and returnees are organized by the Immigration Service, which also provides both social and health care services.
Moreover, some 200 persons move to Tampere in an independent way. They are:

  • persons working in various companies in Tampere
  • students
  • spouses.

As to persons moving independently to Tampere (with a residence permit), their social and health care services are organized by the local services of their district of residence.

The city of Tampere has five coordinators of immigrant issues. They follow and develop immigration work in cooperation with various administrative departments and interest groups and also with national and international networks. The aim is to meet the challenges of a city with increasing multicultural diversity.