Koskipuisto Park

The construction of Koskipuisto (Koskipuisto Park) on the eastern bank of the Tammerkoski Rapids began in the early 1900's. The park obtained its present form after the completion of the construction work started in 1933.

Koskipuisto Park (Rapids Park)

There are several large old trees in the park. Magnifi cent Canadian poplars (Populus x canadensis) and Salix 'Sibirica' willows give verdance to the river bank scenery. A beautiful weeping birch (Betula pendula 'Yongii') adorns the southern slope of the park and glowing red Canna lilies have been a regular item in the fl owerbeds along the walkways by the river since 1936. Canna lilies (Canna Indica-hybr.) require meticulous care and are native to tropical swamps and shores.

Today Koskipuisto Park is a favourite spot for the young people Tampere to hang out and therefore the lawn was replaced with a wear-resistant variant as part of the renovation work completed in 2007. At the eastern end of the park is a playground which is popular with children. Together with the riverside red-brick mills and public buildings, Koskipuisto and Kirjastonpuisto parks constitute a scenic whole that has given Tampere the name "A beautiful city of mills".

There is a sculpture called Virvatulet (Will-o'-the-wisp) in the park and it was erected in commemoration of the Finnish soldier. The sculpture was completed by Aimo Tukiainen in 1971.

The area of Koskipuisto is 2.1 hectares.

Koskipuisto Park (Rapids Park) in autumn

Pikku Kakkonen Park

At the eastern end of the Koskipuisto is a playgraound called Pikku Kakkonen Park. The playground was renovated in 2013. Pikku Kakkonen Park is the most famous playground in Tampere, with the characters from Pikku Kakkonen (TV-programme for children) as its main theme.

The playground is divided into two parts: the city and the forest, where there are structures and equipment representing the theme of the area. The main features of the city are the little and big kid’s cities, which have climbing frames and slides. The little kids’ city has an artificial lawn-covered small town with its own streets, blocks and cars. The big kids’ city has a modern train, Ransu’s Puskii ship and Maltti and Valtti’s police car. Both big and little kids can have adventures on the cable car and climbing net, as well as a climbing mast. The climbing net features several Pikku Kakkonen characters. Special equipment includes a dancing game and skateboard. Fitness equipment is available for adults.

The western side of the playground, representing the forest, features themes and forms from nature. A ridge made of artificial lawn divides the area and provides a place to climb. The area has a large swing set, a sand box, animal-themed spring toys and a wood sculpture of Kaarlo the frog from Pikku Kakkonen. There is also a picnic area and a drinking fountain. The special lighting in the area adds to the forest feeling.

The playground has been fenced in and both the lighting and equipment have been renewed. The summer kiosk next to the park will resume its operations next summer. More trees have also been planted in the park.

Pikku Kakkonen Park